November 2023 Update

Book 2/3 and Audiobook

I have decided to start doing semi-regular updates for what I am working on and what I am reading and consuming. At most I will publish one once a month.


For those wondering, yes, I am still working on a sequel to Dawn Must Follow Night. I have made a fair bit of progress, but I still don't really know when I will reach the end. It feels close, and we will see how it comes out. I could very well conclude the series in a second book, but the pull of the trilogy for fantasy writers is strong. If I get enough draft material it will be hard to resist it.

I also have some ideas for fiction/non-fiction. I have a short story completed that I will take a look over and probably put up on here. It's quite weird, but some of the sentences I found are really fun. I also can't get Colonization of the Internet out of my head, and like the video games in my backlog I refuse to uninstall I swear I'll finish it. It is long overdue.

I have now narrated all of Part II and am starting on editing. I already know I'm going to have to re-record one of the chapters due to a weird microphone mishap. The chapters will go up on Patreon when they're done, and then once a week on YouTube. I might also take the opportunity to finally make a version of my map that I can use in the video, and also in 2nd edition of book 1 and eventual sequel.


We will be on hiatus for a very important reason, which I plan to announce on a short episode. Our comeback episode will be Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. You can pick up a copy if you'd like, or read my essay on here. We also plan to announce that it's time to start reading East of Eden, and how many pages/chapters for our first episode on it.

Current Reading List

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